About Us (#datahive)

DataHive Consulting provides guidance and on-site support for companies seeking to bring social media and analytics together. Our principals have used social media for a combined 35 years to build communities, support ideation, collate information, and sell products and services. We provide hands-on implementation, strategic support, and workshops in all of these areas. To schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss your organization’s needs in any of these areas, please contact us at [email protected]

By taking advantage of DataHive’s experience in translating social media and social tools into greater productivity, our clients are equipped to handle the rapid changes in social, mobile, and cloud technologies (also called SoMoClo by the Aberdeen Group) while developing the management, security, and analytics around these technologies to ensure that employees use these technologies in a compliant manner.

Lynne Baer (@lynnebaer on Twitter) is a founder and Principal Consultant at DataHive Consulting. Baer has used social media for over 17 years and was a support volunteer for the first blog site that allowed for “friending”, LiveJournal, over a decade ago. Baer specializes in teaching companies how cutting-edge information management, data integration, and social media tools used at the consumer level can be used to replace or supplement existing enterprise technologies.

Hyoun Park (@hyounpark on Twitter) is a founder and Principal Consultant at DataHive Consulting. Park has used social media for over 18 years and worked on the first fantasy baseball website with a team based almost solely on online social tools in the late 1990s. Park has a telco billing and enterprise mobility management background and also spent six years as a technology analyst in the social, mobile, and Big Data industries. Park specializes in best practices for monetizing social media, optimizing the cost structures of enterprise SoMoClo (the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud), and merging enterprise technology roadmaps with the emergence of the Personalization of IT.