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Can You Trust Snapchat?

#snapchat me, Ryansings
#snapchat me, Ryansings by Ryan Nagelmann is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

On December 31st, 2013, hackers stole 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers from Snapchat and posted the database online.  To see if you were one of them, check http://lookup.gibsonsec.org.

The irony is that Snapchat has become increasingly popular over the past year because younger audiences have seen it as a safer and more trusted social media platform than the likes of Facebook.  But the question remains: really, how safe is Snapchat? Continue reading

Instagram Direct vs. Twitter Direct Message Images

Instagram Direct vs. Twitter DMs

Left: Instagram Direct – 1:several. Right: Twitter DM – 1:1. Images from respective press releases.

Both Twitter and Instagram announced similar-sounding new features that were compared to Snapchat last week. Twitter now allows you to include photos in direct messages to your followers (and not just public/semipublic tweets). Instagram now allows you to send photos to a small group of Instagram users rather than making them either fully public or only available to your entire group of approved followers. While adding images to Twitter DMs is a useful feature, Instagram has implemented their version of private messaging in a more intriguing way, and presents a stronger case for many businesses to add an Instagram account to their social arsenal if they haven’t already done so. Continue reading