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DataHive’s Take on Dreamforce

Dreamforce has overtaken Oracle Open World
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A month ago, DataHive Consulting was at Dreamforce, but it has taken a while to digest all of the announcements, trends, and concepts that we saw there. To understand why, first consider what Dreamforce has become. Continue reading

Where Dreamforce 2013 Missed the Mark with its Social Efforts

Dreamforce DataHive Hub

Dreamforce Social Media Command Center

Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual end-user event and the largest cloud tradeshow in the world, recently concluded in mid-November. It has become a zoo of a show with over 135,000 registered attendees, which makes it a challenge for Dreamforce to create more personalized experiences for each person on site. This challenge is increased by the fact that the demand for Salesforce-based education is greater than the number of sessions offered, especially with technical topics where expert users are seeking more knowledge and MVP-level tips.

In this regard, Dreamforce had the opportunity to take advantage of both its massive social media audience and robust social media monitoring capabilities to help out attendees, but failed to do so. This was not due to either Salesforce’s or Dreamforce’s inability to support social media, but was based on a poor event-based social media strategy. Based on DataHive Consulting’s experience, here’s what happened and what should have happened. Continue reading