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The Future of HR Big Data

As HR applications continue to evolve, HR needs to consider the new data sources and types that are coming towards them. It is no longer sufficient to simply track basic employee information. With the evolution of HR, companies now have wide ranging options including video interviews, dynamic and social learning and development solutions, social monitoring for talent identification and internal collaboration, external survey benchmarks (including but not limited to salary, skills, performance, behavior, and personality), application logs, and predictive models for understanding cultural fit and preparedness for new jobs.

This complexity provides the need for HR Big Data. To deal with the variety and velocity of social data, video, documents, and transactional logs, HR departments need to work with other departments that may have already needed to work with these new data sources. Social monitoring is typically associated with marketing, video is often seen as a corporate communications or public relations tool, document management is seeing a new renaissance with the development of social and cloud-based software solutions, and transactional and network logs are core IT tools. Continue reading

The Power of One is the Future of Marketing

soccer ball
Soccer ball photo courtesy bigfeet98.

This morning, I saw an interesting press release from Informatica stating that they were working with Everton Football Club. So, I don’t usually care about specific press releases and I don’t follow the English Premier League, so why did I care?

What got my attention was that Everton is taking all of their data from their retail stores, website, marketing data, ticketing, and on-site systems to work on individualized marketing approaches. Everton believes that a top challenge is to maintain and grow personalized relationships with fans and this may be more true in sports than in any other vertical. After all, for those of us who are sports fans, we know that our relationships with our teams are personal and often lifelong. And, to be sexist, there are a lot of guys out there who don’t like clothes shopping, yet have taken time out of their day to buy a sports jersey! Continue reading