Social, Mobile, and Big Data Product Development

Are you building a new social, mobile, and/or Big Data product and trying to figure out where its niche is? Are you having trouble figuring out if you’ve covered all your bases? Or do you need people to simply help you build the next great social enterprise product? If you need help in any of these areas, take advantage of our 35 years experience in social networking to help show you where you can improve your existing or upcoming products. We work both on a project-based and retainer-based basis with select clients.

Social HR Consulting

Learn how to carefully sculpt your social media efforts for recruiting, learning and development, and virtual team-building. This consultation is designed to show you how to build a social outreach strategy custom-built around your top human capital management concerns.

Social Tradeshows

Are you trying to maximize the value of social media at your user event or tradeshow? Are you struggling to see the value of uniting social media and real-time events? If so, bring us into your social event strategy to figure out how to engage your users both virtually and in the flesh.

Social Sales

How do you turn social networking into social sales? If you are a community manager being asked how to quantify the value of social networking or a sales manager trying to get an edge, use our consulting efforts to help social networking open the door for your sales team.

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