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At DataHive Consulting, we talk about doing “Social Big Data for Human Insight.” And the most common response is “That’s great, but what do you actually DO?”


Let’s start with a basic problem. Everyone in the B2B world is being asked to use social media, but few know how to build a quality B2B social community. Even companies with thousands of followers don’t necessarily understand how those followers are useful or even if they’re even the right people to talk to. In contrast, DataHive has built up a systematic process over the past 15 years to build social communities that matter. We know that the end goal of B2B social media isn’t just to be liked

but to improve your business.

Our basic starting point with clients is the Social Media Jumpstart, which we use both to boost new accounts and to resurrect dead or struggling accounts. Through the jumpstart, our clients learn how to improve the quality of their B2B social media efforts to support PR, marketing, sales, and potentially even HR based on your business goals. In the social media jumpstart, we will:

  • Conduct a content audit of your website and internal resources to find appropriate content to share on social media
  • Go through an analysis of your current products and services.
  • Identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your social media approach.
  • Align your social media efforts to the correct platforms, which may include one or more of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, or specialized industry forums.
  • Identify appropriate content strategies associated with each social media platform.
  • If necessary, create content to fill in necessary gaps.
  • Benchmark your current performance against several of your peers.
  • Document opportunities to leapfrog your peers in multiple social areas.
  • Introduce the client to multiple social tools that can be used to enhance social media activities.
  • Connect the client to B2B thought leaders and media sources on social media.
  • Teach the client all of our secrets over the course of a day, a month, or two months.

Here’s how we break down our products into recommendations:

1) For beginning clients, we recommend a 2 month period where we will start with a breakdown of your current approach and teach you the basics of Hootsuite. If you have used social media in the past, but haven’t gotten results, we’ll point out opportunities for improvement.

Over the first month, we will improve the quality of your social content, which may involve the creation of content and social assets that match your corporate tone. We will not make wholesale changes to your current marketing approach, but will make suggestions based on the best practices of B2B social marketing.

Over the second month, we will focus on audience acquisition in a focused B2B manner. We know that it doesn’t help you to gain thousands of followers that don’t care about B2B technology. We care about finding hundreds of followers who genuinely find value in your services. This means both that the client needs to provide social value and attract the right audience. (This is one of the key challenges we find. Too many B2B companies collect followers without thinking about the quality of their audience.)

During the course of this two month period, we will hand off knowledge to the client so that an internal resource or another external resource can take over for our efforts. We can also continue to manage the account after this two month period, but our goal is to teach the client how to fish

and not just to give the client fish indefinitely.

This two month managed service costs $6,500 and can be augmented with additional content creation efforts.

2) For intermediate clients, we will go through a social media practice audit to determine which of our best practices have already been implemented. Based on our findings, we typically recommend an abbreviated one-month consulting period to fill in the gaps. For instance, if a client already has thousands of followers, but has had trouble converting these followers to new channels, we can specifically work on social conversion tactics based on audience respect and avoiding social faux pas. If a client already has a sophisticated social media outreach strategy, but isn’t collecting the right followers, we can show you where the missing link lies.

In short, we’re smart enough to know that you’re smart as well and may just need a few additional tips to be implemented. In this abbreviated program, we will provide hands-on support for 2-3 weeks followed by a final week of knowledge transfer.

This one-month jumpstart costs $4,500 and can also be augmented with additional content creation efforts.

3) For advanced clients who may just need new tips and strategies to further engage a community, we also hold a one-day educational workshop where we provide all of our tips and tricks at once. This is best for clients who already have tools and methods for content creation, use multiple social media platforms, and are using social media to augment one or more business tasks already. This deep dive into B2B social media includes all of the growth hacks and strategies that Principal Hyoun Park has used to become a top Big Data, Social Media, and Enterprise Mobility thought leader during his time as an industry analyst and is recommended for companies seeking to create or support industry thought leadership.

This one-day deep dive costs $2,500 and can be delivered in-person (with T&E covered by the client) or remotely.

To learn more about our social media perspective, take a look at some of our previous work:

If you’re interested in learning more about our Social Media Jumpstart services, please email us at or call us at 415-754-9686.

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